Everyone has gone baby token mad, but forgot the most godly Baby of all. $BabyUSDT.

Welcome to Baby USDT - The funniest and cutest meme. Our goal is for BabyUSDT to create a new wave and reach billions of dollars in market value!

We are going to keep it simple. No fuss. No extraveganza. Just 6/6 tax trading and nostalgia.

1 - Create a BEP-20 Wallet

Create a Wallet using Metamask or Trust Wallet

2 - Add BNB

Buy BNB or Transfer BNB to your newly created wallet.

3 - Follow the Presale Link

Open the official presale link and make sure your chain is set to BSC.

4 - Contribute

Enter an amount that you wish to contribute, and click contribute. Simple!

5 - Claim

Once the presale is complete, you will be able to claim your tokens.

Apply for CMC / CG
10m Volume day 1

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